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  • Formats Ebook, Hardcover
  • ISBN 9781087876672
  • Page Count 296
  • Trim Size 5.5x8.5

Insanity in the Church

A Powerful Delusion Sent by God

By Timothy Williams

This book takes a clear look at some of the specific insanity that can be found in the church today. Unlike most other books of this type, it doesn’t just focus on the easy targets or concentrate on pointing out all the error. It highlights areas of extremely practical Scriptural teaching that will be sure to challenge both you and your church to grow in obedience and holiness.

Chapters For Insanity In The Church



1. The Lie

2. Insanity

3. Numbers Madness

4. Great Things Madness

5. Authority Madness

6. Money Madness

7. Miracle Madness

8. Pleasure Madness

9. Altar Call Madness

10. The Cure

Everything Said